2016-2017 EEE PROJECTS

2016 - 2017 EEE IEEE FINAL YEAR Projects

Bi-Directional Converter, Bridgeless Converter, Interleaved Converter

A Bidirectional Three-Level LLC Resonant Converter With PWAM Control

High Step-Up/Step-Down Soft-Switching Bidirectional DC–DC Converter With Coupled-Inductor and Voltage Matching Control for Energy Storage Systems

Bidirectional Single Power Conversion DC-AC Converter with Non Complementary Active-Clamp Circuits

A New Family of Zero-Voltage-Transition Non-isolated Bidirectional Converters With Simple Auxiliary Circuit

Bidirectional Resonant DC–DC Step-Up Converters for Driving High-Voltage Actuators in Mobile Microrobots

Interleaved SEPIC Power Factor Pre-Regulator Using Coupled Inductors in Discontinuous Conduction Mode with Wide Output Voltage

Single-Stage Bridgeless AC-DC PFC Converter Using a Lossless Passive Snubber and Valley- Switching

Reduced Current Stress Bridgeless Cuk PFC Converter with New Voltage Multiplier Circuit

Bridgeless SEPIC PFC Converter for Low Total Harmonic Distortion and High Power Factor

Full-Range Soft-Switching-Isolated Buck-Boost Converters With Integrated Interleaved Boost Converter and Phase-Shifted Control

A PWM Plus Phase-Shift Controlled Interleaved Isolated Boost Converter Based on Semi-active Quadrupler Rectifier for High Step-Up Applications

A Bridgeless Totem-pole Interleaved PFC Converter for Plug-In Electric Vehicles

LED Applications, Multi – Output Converter, Power Factor Correction, Resonant Converter

Three phase converter with galvanic isolation based on loss-free resistors for HB-LED lighting applications

A CLCL Resonant DC/DC Converter for Two-Stage LED Driver System

A Novel LED Drive System Based on Matrix Rectifier

Single-Stage AC/DC Single-Inductor Multiple-Output LED Drivers

Design and Implementation of a High Efficiency Multiple Output Charger based on the Time Division Multiple Control Technique

A Power Quality Improved Bridgeless Converter Based Computer Power Supply

Control of a Single-Stage Three-Phase Boost Power Factor Correction Rectifier

A High-Voltage SiC-Based Boost PFC for LED Applications

LCL Filter Design for Three-phase Two-level Power Factor Correction using Line Impedance Stabilization Network

New AC–DC Power Factor Correction Architecture Suitable for High-Frequency Operation

Interleaved Digital Power Factor Correction Based on the Sliding-Mode Approach

Bumpless Control for Reduced THD in Power Factor Correction Circuits

A bidirectional single-stage three-phase Rectifier with high-frequency Isolation and power factor Correction

A Sensitivity-Improved PFM LLC Resonant Full-Bridge DC-DC Converter with LC Anti-Resonant Circuitry

A New Compact and High Efficiency Resonant Converter

Soft Switching Converter, Step – Down Converter

High-Efficiency LLC Resonant Converter With High Voltage Gain Using an Auxiliary LC Resonant Circuit

A ZVS Pulsewidth Modulation Full-Bridge Converter With a Low-RMS-Current Resonant Auxiliary Circuit

Wide ZVS Range Asymmetric Half-Bridge Converter With Clamp Switch and Diode for High Conversion Efficiency

A Wide Load Range ZVS Push-Pull DC/DC Converter with Active-Clamped

A ZV-ZCS Electrolytic Capacitor Less AC/DC Isolated LED Driver with Continuous Energy Regulation

ZVS-ZCS High Voltage Gain Integrated Boost Converter For DC Microgrid

Isolated Double Step-down DC-DC Converter with Improved ZVS Range and No Transformer Saturation Problem

High-Efficiency Coupled-Inductor-Based Step-Down Converter

Morphing Switched-Capacitor Step-Down DC–DC Converters with Variable Conversion Ratio

A Novel Transformer-less Interleaved Four-Phase Step-Down DC Converter With Low Switch Voltage Stress and Automatic Uniform Current-Sharing Characteristics

A Low-Volume Hybrid Step-Down Dc-Dc Converter Based on the Dual Use of Flying Capacitor

A Family of Isolated Buck-Boost Converters Based on Semi-active Rectifiers for High Output Voltage Applications

Step - Up Converter, Switched Capacitor Converter

Flying-Capacitor-Based Hybrid LLC Converters With Input Voltage Auto-balance Ability for High Voltage Applications

A DC–DC Converter With High Voltage Gain and Two Input Boost Stages

High Gain DC–DC Converter Based on the Cockcroft–Walton Multiplier

A Three-State Switching Boost Converter Mixed With Magnetic Coupling and Voltage Multiplier Techniques for High Gain Conversion

Split-Phase Control: Achieving Complete Soft-Charging Operation of a Dickson Switched-Capacitor Converter

Multi-input Step-Up Converters Based on the Switched-Diode-Capacitor Voltage Accumulator

Hybrid Bridgeless DCM SEPIC Rectifier Integrated with a Modified Switched Capacitor Cell

BLDC Motor Driven Solar PV Array Fed Water Pumping System Employing Zeta Converter

Commutation Torque Ripple Reduction Strategy of Z-Source Inverter Fed Brushless DC Motor

Single-Phase Input Variable-Speed AC Motor System Based on an Electrolytic Capacitor-Less Single-Stage Boost Three-Phase Inverter

Switching-Gain Adaptation Current Control for Brushless DC Motors

Position Sensorless Control Without Phase Shifter for High-Speed BLDC Motors With Low Inductance and Nonideal Back EMF

Single-Phase Grid Connected Motor Drive System with DC-link Shunt Compensator and Small DC-link Capacitor

A Performance Investigation of a Four-Switch Three-Phase Inverter-Fed IM Drives at Low Speeds Using Fuzzy Logic and PI Controllers

A Systematic Power-Quality Assessment and Harmonic Filter Design Methodology for Variable-Frequency Drive Application in Marine Vessels

Inverter - Single phase, Three phase, Z-Source, Bi-directional, Resonant

Bidirectional Single Power-Conversion DC-AC Converter with Non-Complementary Active-Clamp Circuits

High-Efficiency Bidirectional DAB Inverter Using a Novel Hybrid Modulation for Stand-Alone Power Generating System With Low Input Voltage

A Coupled Inductor Based High Boost Inverter with SubUnity TurnsRatio Range

A High Power Density Single-Phase Inverter Using Stacked Switched Capacitor Energy Buffer

A ZVS Grid-Connected Full-Bridge Inverter With a Novel ZVS SPWM Scheme

Dual Buck Inverter with Series Connected Diodes and Single Inductor

Three-Phase Split-Source Inverter (SSI): Analysis and Modulation

A Pulse-width Modulation Technique for High-Voltage Gain Operation of Three-Phase Z-Source Inverters

Switched-Coupled-Inductor Quasi-Z-Source Inverter

Analysis and Design of Modified Half-Bridge Series-Resonant Inverter With DC-Link Neutral-Point-Clamped Cell

Hybrid Modulation Scheme for a High-Frequency AC-Link Inverter

Multilevel Inverter

Design and Implementation of a Novel Multilevel DC–AC Inverter

A Novel Nine-Level Inverter Employing One Voltage Source and Reduced Components as High Frequency AC Power Source

A Family of Five-Level Dual-Buck Full-Bridge Inverters for Grid-Tied Applications

A New Cascaded Switched-Capacitor Multilevel Inverter Based on Improved Series–Parallel Conversion With Less Number of Components

A Single DC Source Cascaded Seven-Level Inverter Integrating Switched Capacitor Techniques

A Three Phase Hybrid Cascaded Modular Multilevel Inverter for Renewable Energy Environment

An Enhanced Single Phase Step-Up Five-Level Inverter

Novel Three Phase Multi-Level Inverter Topology with Symmetrical DC-Voltage Sources
Energy Storage

Series-Parallel Connection of Low-Voltage Sources for Integration of Galvanically Isolated Energy Storage Systems

Development of DC/DC Converter for Battery Energy Storage Supporting Railway DC Feeder Systems

High Efficiency Bi-Directional Converter for Flywheel Energy Storage Application
Multi – port System

Secondary-Side-Regulated Soft-Switching Full-Bridge Three-Port Converter Based on Bridgeless Boost Rectifier and Bidirectional Converter for Multiple Energy Interface

A Triple Active Bridge DC-DC Converter Capable of Achieving Full-Range ZVS

Analysis, Design, Modeling and Control of an Interleaved-Boost Full-Bridge Three Port Converter for Hybrid Renewable Energy Sy

An Interleaved Half-Bridge Three-Port Converter With Enhanced Power Transfer Capability Using Three-Leg Rectifier for Renewable Energy Applications

Hybrid Energy

Control and Implementation of a Standalone Solar Photo-Voltaic Hybrid System

Design and Real-Time Controller Implementation for a Battery-Ultra-capacitor Hybrid Energy Storage System

Grid-Connected PV-Wind-Battery based Multi-Input Transformer Coupled Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for household Applications

Ultra-capacitor-Battery Hybrid Energy Storage System Based on the Asymmetric Bidirectional Z-Source Topology for EV

Solar Energy

An Optimal Method to Design a Trap-CL Filter for a PV AC-Module Based on Flyback Inverter

Highly Efficient Asymmetrical PWM Full-Bridge Converter for Renewable Energy Sources

A High-Efficiency Flyback Micro-inverter With a New Adaptive Snubber for Photovoltaic Applications

A Single-Phase PV Quasi-Z-Source Inverter With Reduced Capacitance Using Modified Modulation and Double-Frequency Ripple Suppression Control

High-Gain Single-Stage Boosting Inverter for Photovoltaic Applications

Front-End Isolated Quasi-Z-Source DC-DC Converter Modules in Series for Photovoltaic High-Voltage DC Applications

Bus Voltage Control With Zero Distortion and High Bandwidth for Single-Phase Solar Inverters

Transformerless Photovoltaic Inverter Based on Interleaving High-Frequency Legs Having Bidirectional Capability

Highly Reliable Transformerless Photovoltaic Inverters With Leakage Current and Pulsating Power Elimination

Design and Analysis of a High Efficiency DC–DC Converter With Soft Switching Capability for Renewable Energy Applications Requiring High Voltage Gain

Efficient Single Phase Transformerless Inverter for Grid-Tied PVG System With Reactive Power Control

Single Phase Cascaded H5 Inverter with Leakage Current Elimination for Transformerless Photovoltaic System

Wind Energy

A Medium Frequency Transformer-Based Wind Energy Conversion System Used for Current Source Converter Based Offshore Wind Farm

An Offshore Wind Generation Scheme With a High-Voltage Hybrid Generator, HVDC Interconnections, and Transmission

Sliding Mode Control of PMSG Wind Turbine Based on Enhanced Exponential Reaching Law

Control and Operation of a DC Grid-Based Wind Power Generation System in a Microgrid


Reactive Power and AC Voltage Control of LCC HVDC System with Controllable Capacitors

Connection of Converters to a Low and Medium Power DC Network Using an Inductor Circuit

High-Performance Constant Power Generation in Grid-Connected PV Systems

Control Strategy to Maximize the Power Capability of PV Three-Phase Inverters During Voltage Sags

Delay-Dependent Stability of Single-Loop Controlled Grid-Connected Inverters with LCL Filters

Grid-Current-Feedback Active Damping for LCL Resonance in Grid Connected Voltage-Source Converters

A Hybrid-STATCOM With Wide Compensation Range and Low DC-Link Voltage

A Versatile Unified Power Quality Conditioner Applied to Three-Phase Four-Wire Distribution Systems Using a Dual Control Strategy

An Isolated Topology for Reactive Power Compensation With a Modularized Dynamic-Current Building-Block

Design of Dynamic Voltage Restorer and Active Power Filter for Wind Power Systems Subject to Unbalanced and Harmonic Distorted Grid

Full-Bridge Reactive Power Compensator With Minimized-Equipped Capacitor and Its Application to Static Var Compensator

Individual Phase Current Control Based on Optimal Zero-Sequence Current Separation for a Star-Connected Cascade STATCOM Under Unbalanced Conditions

Investigation on Dynamic Voltage Restorers With Two DC Links and Series Converters for Three-Phase Four-Wire Systems

MPC-SVM Method for Vienna Rectifier with PMSG used in Wind Turbine Systems

Shunt Active Power Filter Based on Cascaded Transformers Coupled with Three-Phase Bridge Converters

STATCOM Operation Scheme of the CDSM-MMC During a Pole-to-Pole DC Fault