Image Processing (Biometrics)
A Security-Enhanced Alignment-Free Fuzzy Vault-Based Fingerprint Cryptosystem Using Pair-Polar Minutiae Structures
Distance-Based Encryption: How to Embed Fuzziness in Biometric-Based Encryption
Fingerprint Liveness Detection From Single Image Using Low-Level Features and Shape Analysis
Fingerprint Liveness Detection Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Iris Recognition Based on Human-Interpretable Features
Suspecting Less and Doing Better: New Insights on Palmprint Identification for Faster and More Accurate Matching
Image Processing (Face Recognition)
Aging Face Recognition: A Hierarchical Learning Model Based on Local Patterns Selection
Complementary Cohort Strategy for Multimodal Face Pair Matching
Facial Sketch Synthesis Using Two-dimensional Direct Combined Model-based Face-Specific Markov Network
Class-wise Sparse and Collaborative Patch Representation for Face Recognition
Local-Gravity-Face (LG-face) for Illumination-Invariant and Heterogeneous Face Recognition
Robust Point Set Matching for Partial Face Recognition
Image Processing (Facial Expression Recognition)
Discriminant Incoherent Component Analysis
Dynamic Facial Expression Recognition With Atlas Construction and Sparse Representation
Image Processing (Feature Detection)
A Feature Learning and Object Recognition Framework for Underwater Fish Images
Feature and Region Selection for Visual Learning
Image Processing (Image Segmentation)
Contrast Driven Elastica for Image Segmentation
Interactive Image Segmentation Using Adaptive Constraint Propagation
Medical image processing
A Patch-Based Approach for the Segmentation of Pathologies: Application to Glioma Labelling
An Automatic Learning-Based Framework for Robust Nucleus Segmentation
Computer Aided Theragnosis Using Quantitative Ultrasound Spectroscopy and Maximum Mean Discrepancy in Locally Advanced Breast Cancer
On Combining Multiple-Instance Learning and Active Learning for Computer-Aided Detection of Tuberculosis
Real-Time Automatic Artery Segmentation, Reconstruction and Registration for Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anaesthesia of the Femoral Nerve
Recognizing Focal Liver Lesions in CEUS With Dynamically Trained Latent Structured Models
Red Lesion Detection Using Dynamic Shape Features for Diabetic Retinopathy Screening
Image Processing
Image Deblurring via Enhanced Low-Rank Prior
Image Processing (Image Watermarking)
Adaptive Pairing Reversible Watermarking
Image Processing (Steganography)
Adaptive Steganalysis Based on Embedding Probabilities of Pixels
Content-Adaptive Steganography by Minimizing Statistical Detectability
Game Theory and Adaptive Steganography
Image Processing (Super Resolution)
Antipodally Invariant Metrics for Fast Regression-Based Super-Resolution
FRESH—FRI-Based Single-Image Super-Resolution Algorithm
CCR: Clustering and Collaborative Representation for Fast Single Image Super-Resolution
Consistent Coding Scheme for Single-Image Super-Resolution Via Independent Dictionaries
Single-Image Super-Resolution Using Active-Sampling Gaussian Process Regression
Super-Interpolation With Edge-Orientation-Based Mapping Kernels for Low Complex 2× Upscaling
Image Processing (Video Processing)
A Completely Blind Video Integrity Oracle
An Approach to Streaming Video Segmentation With Sub-Optimal Low-Rank Decomposition
Patch-Based Video Denoising With Optical Flow Estimation
Surveillance Video Synopsis via Scaling Down Objects
Image Processing (Image Quality Assessment)
Blind Quality Assessment of Tone-Mapped Images Via Analysis of Information, Naturalness, and Structure
Image Processing
CASAIR: Content and Shape-Aware Image Retargeting and Its Applications
Contrast Enhancement by Nonlinear Diffusion Filtering
Image Processing (Action Recognition)
Cross-View Action Recognition via Transferable Dictionary Learning
Image Processing
Deep Ranking for Person Re-Identification via Joint Representation Learning
Dense and Sparse Reconstruction Error Based Saliency Descriptor
Depth Estimation Using a Sliding Camera
Detection of Moving Objects Using Fuzzy Color Difference Histogram Based Background Subtraction
Image Processing (Action Recognition)
Effective Active Skeleton Representation for Low Latency Human Action Recognition
Image Processing
Fast and Provably Accurate Bilateral Filtering
Human Visual System-Based Saliency Detection for High Dynamic Range Content
Illuminant-Based Transformed Spaces for Image Forensics
Weakly Supervised Fine-Grained Categorization With Part-Based Image Representation
Learn Sparse Dictionaries for Edit Propagation
Learning of Multimodal Representations With Random Walks on the Click Graph
Misaligned Image Integration With Local Linear Model
Multiscale Edge Detection Using a Finite Element Framework for Hexagonal Pixel-Based Images
Nonconvex Nonsmooth Low Rank Minimization via Iteratively Reweighted Nuclear Norm
Non-Local Auto-Encoder With Collaborative Stabilization for Image Restoration
Image Processing (Signature Verification)
One-Class Writer-Independent Offline Signature Verification Using Feature Dissimilarity Thresholding
Image Processing
Perceptual Visual Security Index Based on Edge and Texture Similarities
Robust Image Hashing With Ring Partition and Invariant Vector Distance
Salient Region Detection via High-Dimensional Color Transform and Local Spatial Support
Image Processing (Action Recognition)
Simple to Complex Transfer Learning for Action Recognition
Image Processing
Tasking on Natural Statistics of Infrared Images
Texture-Independent Long-Term Tracking Using Virtual Corners
Two-Level QR Code for Private Message Sharing and Document Authentication
Image Processing (License Plate Detection)
Robust Blur Kernel Estimation for License Plate Images From Fast Moving Vehicles
Vehicle License Plate Recognition Based on Extremal Regions and Restricted Boltzmann Machines