2016 IEEE Projects for ECE

2016 - 2017 Embedded IEEE FINAL YEAR Projects for ECE, EEE, CSE, IT
A Mobile ZigBee Module In a Traffic Control System
Application of Distributed Wireless Chloride Sensors to Environmental Monitoring: Initial Results
Auto Calibrated Head Orientation Controller for Robotic-Wheelchair Using MEMS Sensors and Embedded Technologies
Configurable ZigBee-based Control System for People with Multiple Disabilities in Smart Homes
Development of Traffic Light Control Algorithm in Smart Municipal Network
Embedded control system for smart walking assistance device
Energy Efficient Outdoor Light Monitoring and Control Architecture Using Embedded System
FPGA-Based Architecture for a Multisensory Barrier to Enhance Railway Safety
Long range VLC temperature monitoring system using CMOS of mobile device camera
New Applications of an Automated System for High-Power LEDs
Preprocessing Design in Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor-Based Human-Tracking System: On Sensor Selection and Calibration
Real-Time Patient Health Monitoring and Alarming Using Wireless-Sensor-Network
Research on Parallel Control Mechanism and Its Implementation in ATP
Smart Real-Time Healthcare Monitoring and Tracking System using GSM/GPS Technologies
Smart Traffic Light Control System
An Experimental Study on the PID and Fuzzy-PID Controllers on a Designed Two-Wheeled Self-Balancing Autonomous Robot
AnyClimb: A New Wall-Climbing Robotic Platform for Various Curvatures
Automatic Toll E-Ticketing System For Transportation Systems
Design and Implementation of a System Access Control by RFID
Embedded System Design Of A Real-Time Parking Guidance System
Gait Generation with Smooth Transition Using CPG-Based Locomotion Control for Hexapod Walking Robot
Mixed Integer Programming-Based Semiautonomous Step Climbing of a Snake Robot Considering Sensing Strategy
Smart Lighting: Developing A Smarter Control Mechanism For Park Trail Lighting
Smart Real-Time Healthcare Monitoring And Tracking System Using Gsm/Gps Technologies
Turning the internet of (my) things into a remote controlled laboratory
A Computationally Low Cost Vision Based Tracking Algorithm for Human Following Robot
A Remote Lab for Teaching Mechanics
Computer Vision Approach Based Speed Limit Assistant
Cost Effective Digital Signage System using Low Cost Information Device

Development of a Highly Accurate and Low Cost Measurement Device for Field Operational Tests
Development of a Portable Near Infrared Camera for Early Detection of Diabetic Ulcers
Open-Source Smart Home Modules
Quick Find: Fast and Contact-free Object Detection Using a Depth Sensor
Road Sign Recognition System on Raspberry Pi
A neural network and IoT based scheme for performance assessment in Internet of Robotic Things
An IoT-based Scheme for Real Time Indoor Personal Exposure Assessment
Design And Implementation Of Interoperable Iot Healthcare System Based On International Standards
Developing An Open Access Monitoring Device For Off-Grid Renewables
Effective Ways To Use Internet Of Things In The Field Of Medical And Smart Health Care
Improving The Security Of Wireless Sensor Networks In An Iot Environmental Monitoring System

Interoperability of IoT Wireless Technologies in Ambient Assisted Living Environments
Intuitive Iot-Based H2u Healthcare System For Elderly People
IoT Healthcare Analytics: The Importance of Anomaly Detection
Navigating The Challenges Of Internet Of Things (Iot) For Power And Energy Systems
Point-N-Press: An Intelligent Universal Remote Control System For Home Appliances
Rfid-Based Book Finder
Secure Data Analytics for Cloud- Integrated Internet of Things Applications
Smart Parking System For Internet Of Things
The Future of Ultra-Wideband Localization in RFID
Water Level Meter For Alerting Population About Floods
Coexistence Of Wifi And Lifi Toward 5g: Concepts, Opportunities, And Challenges
Impact Of Vlc On Light Emission Quality Of White Leds
Implementation Of Zigbee-Vlc System To Support Light Control Network Configuration
Inter-Building Plc-Vlc Integration Based On Psk And Csk Techniques
Stereo Audio Streaming Via Visible Light
Uncoordinated Multiple Access Scheme For Vlc Systems With Positioning Capability
A Lightweight Robotic Arm With Pneumatic Muscles For Robot Learning
A Two-Fingered Underactuated Anthropomorphic Manipulator Based On Human Precision Manipulation Motions
Design And Manufacture Of Bio-Mimic Robotic Fish
Enhancing Human-Robot Interaction by Interpreting Uncertain Information in Navigational Commands Based on Experience and Environment
Fall Detection And Prevention Control Using Walking-Aid Cane Robot
Integration Of Structural Health Monitoring And Intelligent Transportation Systems For Bridge Condition Assessment: Current Status And Future Direction
Line Detecting And Tracking Of A Mobile Robot With Multiple Rgb-D Cameras
Methodology Of Embedded System Design For Underwater Vehicle
Mobile Robot For Retail Inventory Using Rfid
Optimized Assistive Human–Robot Interaction Using Reinforcement Learning
Planar Path Following Of Underwater Snake Robots In The Presence Of Ocean Currents
The Soft-SixthFinger: a Wearable EMG Controlled Robotic Extra-Finger for Grasp Compensation in Chronic Stroke Patients
Wirelessly Controlled Mines Detection Robot
A Mobile Zigbee Module In A Traffic Control System
A Novel Wireless Multifunctional Electronic Current Transformer Based On Zigbee-Based Communication
Configurable Zigbee-Based Control System For People With Multiple Disabilities In Smart Homes
The Design Of Building Fire Monitoring System Based On Zigbee-Wifi Networks
Wireless Gas Leak Detection And Localization
Wireless Power Transmission For Multiple Devices
Zigbee Network System For Observing Operating Activities Of Work Vehicles
A Mobile Zigbee Module In A Traffic Control System
Automatic Oil Tank Truck Alarm System From Illegal Fuel Hoarding With Microcontroller And GSM Module Based System
GPS Based Autonomous Vehicle Navigation And Control System
Navigating The Challenges Of Internet Of Things (Iot) For Power And Energy Systems
Smart Vehicle Security System For Defending Against Collaborative Attacks By Malware
Train Ticket Gate System Employing Optical Wireless Communications
A Mobile Robot Which Can Follow And Lead Human By Detecting User Location And Behavior With Wearable Devices
Abnormal Moving Vehicle Detection For Driver Assistance System In Nighttime Driving
Blind User Wearable Audio As Distance For Indoor Navigation Based On Visual Markers And Ultrasonic Obstacle Detection
A Fuzzy-Based Building Automation Control System
A Low Cost Smart Irrigation Control System
Analysis Of Influence On Driver Behaviour While Using In-Vehicle Traffic Lights With Application Of Head-Up Display
Automatic Rationing System
Design And Fabrication Of An Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle
Likelihood-Field-Model-Based Dynamic Vehicle Detection And Tracking For Self-Driving
Robust Multirate On-Road Vehicle Localization For Autonomous Highway Driving Vehicles
Smartphone: The Key To Your Connected Smart Home
A Circuit Model Of Real Time Human Body Hydration
A Mechanism To Access The Medical Information And A Modeling Approach For Medical Hazards
A Multi-Signal Acquisition System For Preventive Cardiology With Cuff-Less Bp Measurement Capability
An Energy Efficient Sensor For Thyroid Monitoring Through The Iot
Autodietary: A Wearable Acoustic Sensor System For Food Intake Recognition In Daily Life
Brain Computer Interface And Arduino microcontroller Family Software Interconnection Solution
Bsn-Care: A Secure Iot-Based Modern Healthcare System Using Body Sensor Network
Development Of A Brain-Computer Interface Based On Visual Stimuli For The Movement Of A Robot Joints
Estimation Of Circadian Body Temperature Rhythm Based On Heart Rate In Healthy, Ambulatory Subjects
Real-Time Patient Health Monitoring And Alarming Using Wireless-Sensor-Network
Robotic Automated External Defibrillator Ambulance For Emergency Medical Service In Smart Cities
Secure Management Of Low Power Fitness Trackers
Sensing Method Of Patient’s Body Movement Without Attaching Sensors On The Patient’s Body
Skin Temperature Prediction In Lower Limb Prostheses
Smart Brief Monitoring System For Assisted Living