Mini Projects / Application Projects

1.       An enhanced model for achieving high throughput using variant buffer size methodology
2.      Anomaly based intrusion detection system
3.      Bandwidth estimation systems in networks
4.     Blocking intruders for secured network maintenance
5.      Caching techniques in MANET and various routing protocols in MANET.
6.     CFR: an efficient congestion free router
7.     Channel allocation system in mobile networks
8.     Coding for cryptographic security enhancement using stopping sets
9.     Content based image retrieval system
10.  Continuous query processing system for location based services
11.    Credit card fraud detection system using genetic algorithm
12.   Decision trees for uncertain data
13.   Digital image processing filters for image filtering methods
14.  Distributed data integration on electricity board
15.   Efficient load distribution scheme to avoid congestion in servers
16.  Efficient searching technique in xml data
17.  Efficient stegnography embedding methodology for secret data preservation
18.  FEC based cryptography for secured data communication
19.  High efficient location monitoring system
20. Homophonic cryptography technique for data security
21.   Impact of denial of service attacks on servers
22.  Information leak detection and prevention system
23.  Intrusion detection system in wireless sensor networks
24. MOBILE alert based intruder blocking system in cloud computing
25.  Mobility management schemes in wireless networks using agent forwarding methods
26. Monitoring cloud resources for better resource utilization
27. Packet monitoring based multicasting system
28. PUBMED: an efficient biomedical based hierarchical search engine
29. Ranking system for web library
30.  Recovery from link failure in wireless networks
31.   Reducing noises in images
32.  Reducing the costly forward using band-based directional broadcast
33.   Secure and efficient video distribution scheme using variant bandwidth system
34.  Secure and practical outsourcing of linear programming in cloud computing
35.   Secure communication by hiding packets in intermediate router system
36.  Secured data communication system in wireless mesh networks
37.  Self diagnosing with identifying disease treatment with online doctor precautionary
38.  Selfish overlay network creation and maintenance
39.  Single-source shortest path algorithm with nonnegative edge path
40. Supporting data transfer and movements of mobile terminal between different locations
41.  Ticket based secured mobile banking scheme for detecting frauds
42. Traffic flow analysis system based on a novel concept of flow set
43.  Video steganography for secure data preservation
44. Virus spread in P2P network
45.  Visual cryptography system for secret image sharing

46. Efficient and Dynamic Routing Topology Inference
47. Geometric Routing Protocol in MANET
48. Optimized Software Release Planner


1.       Aero Shuttle
2.      Almanac Ascertain
3.      Appositeness Intendance
4.     Baccalaureate Gateway
5.      Barristerial Atrium
6.     Belligerent Tackle Hire Classification
7.     Bistro Stipulation
8.     Blemish Ascertainers
9.     Bureaucrat Defended Entity
10.  Cartel Communique
11.    Cast Your Referendum
12.   Clodhopper's Pal
13.   Communal Contact_Abstract
14.  Confrontation Reconnoiter
15.   Convertible Leaflet Governance Explication
16.  Digital Placard
17.  Disburse Mobile Scheme
18.  Disposition Prospectus
19.  e-Acquirements
20. E-Chain Communicator
21.   E-Conscription
22.  Electorate Conspiracy
23.  Endowment Fathom
24. Enormous Employment
25.  First-Rate Sanatorium
26. Grime Dissolution Scheme
27. Haulable Overhaul
28. Infobahn Vendue
29. Inure-Avocation Unit
30.  Menage Swop
31.   Misdemeanor Abjurer
32.  Mobility Bill Defrayment
33.   Mortgage Scheme
34.  Online Allegation
35.   Online Burgeons Exposition
36.  Online Dodge-ABS
37.  Online Fretfulness
38.  Online Itemization Structure
39.  Online Nuptial
40. Online Symphony
41.  Online Women Kibitzer
42. Ostentatious Storehouse Structure
43.  Panchayathi Financial Aid
44. Paraquat Stockpile
45.  Pragmatic Academy
46. Reckoning Inquisitor
47. Relevance to Scattered Precinct
48. Rescue Squad Overhaul Contributor
49. Sales Auditing Tool
50.  Salvage Scheme
51.   Symposium Schema
52.  Tangle Emporium
53.   Travel Permit Indulgence Scheme
54.  Upholding of corporate sector
55.   Velocipede Dime store
56.  Village Communic Bureau
57.  Weald Supervision Scheme
58.  Web Venture Governance
59.  Web Vernacular Referendum
60. Web Vernacular Referendum
61.  Widespread Catalog